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Friday, July 19, 2024

About Best International Career

‘’Best International Career’’ is a Hospitality Services and Management Consultant Company, We look forward to serving all of your “Executive Search / Recruitment” needs.

In recent years, "Partnering" has become the new "Buzz Word" in many corporate cultures. Everyone who wants to sell you something suddenly wants to be you’re "Partner". At Best International Career, we believe in the concept of "Partnering", but as the concept is intended to be, not as a "Buzz Word" or "Sales Pitch" in a slick and campaign.

Partnering" with our Clients means counseling, creating and sharing information that will help make that company more successful, even if it means we may not be "Partnering" at all.

Our Hospitality Search Consultants analyze your specific needs, using advanced search techniques to identify high-quality "passive" candidates. We diligently screen and qualify each candidate, before sending them to you.

Rather than wasting your efforts sifting through numerous mediocre applicants, you can be focused on interviewing only highly "qualified" candidates quickly. We do not overwhelm you with a deluge of unqualified applicants. Our focus is to help you secure the position that will give you the utmost satisfaction.

We believe that any dealing must create a Win / Win / Win relationship for our Candidates, our Client Companies, and Our Organization   and build long term placement relationships (We call that a "Triple Win"). And that is what we believe...

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Shift Leader - Front Office

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