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Friday, July 19, 2024

Qualified nominees are always in demand and our goal is to be your optimal choice when you are looking for a new challenge. With some of the most ethical professional standards in the recruitment business, we will offer you Free personalized services by providing assistance and advice in your career research and development.

Your name and profile are always treated confidentially, and we will not forward them to anyone without first discussing the key details of the position with you.

If you are not currently looking for a new assignment, we would nevertheless be pleased to discuss any upcoming requirements in order to prepare us both for any contact we may have in the future.

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It is totally a Free service. No registeration is needed. Just apply for a job reference number and we will call you.

CVs should be in pdf, doc or zip formate.

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Cost Controller

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Banquite Manager

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Restaurant managers

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House Keeping Supervisor

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Chef Departie

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Chef Steward

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Demi Chef Departie

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Executive Chef

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Executive sous chef

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Marketing Manager

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Catering Manager

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Catering sales

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Corporate Sales Manager

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Sales Manager

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Male & Female Tickiting

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Branch Manager

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Business development manager

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Data analist

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Executive Secertary

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Training manager

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Cheif Engineer

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Pastry Chef

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Human Resource Manager

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Sales Executive

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Operation Manager

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Quality control

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Hotel Reservation Manager

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Traffic Manager

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Tour Operators

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Aviation Counter

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Interior Tour Operators

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Aviation Manager

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Shift Leader - Front Office

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European Executive Chef

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Director of Training

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Chef De Parte Cold Kitchen

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Food & Beverage Manager

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Cheif Accountant

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General Manager

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Payable accountant

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Executive Pastry Chef

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Store Manager

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Guest Relation Manager

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Asst. Marketing Manager

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